Biography (English)

Serge Gauya, real name Serge Gauye, was born in Sion in Switzerland in 1977. From an early age, Serge was attracted to music and painting. Throughout his childhood and adolescence he was immersed in art through his parents: his father does a lot of painting and music and his mother is an antiquarian. He studied music theory and piano at a conservatory, as well as drawing and painting courses at a school in his hometown. At the end of the 1980s, one of his drawings was selected and displayed by the city of Sion at the exhibition "Sion se greffe sur l'avenir" (Sion joins the future). He also met artists such as Morris, the creator of Lucky Luke, and the Swiss painter Charles Menge who, after seeing Serge's drawings, strongly encouraged him to continue in this field. Charles Menge gave him a painting on which he made the dedication: "Dear Serge, There is no art without caricature"

His musical career began in 1992 at the age of 15 when he released his first single "Much Money" in Paris. In 1995, under the pseudonym MegaWatt, Serge embarked on a tour of France alongside the group Imagination. In 1996, Serge created his own music publishing, production and events company, alongside his studies of natural medicine in Geneva then in Paris. At the end of the 90s Serge worked on several releases, including "Don't Play", a duet with Cameroonian artist Racine Sagath. In 2006, his Spanish album "Me Siento Latino", distributed in the United States by Warner, enjoyed good success in Latin America, specifically in Ecuador, as well as with Hispanics living in the United States. In 2008 he wrote the anthem for the Swiss football club FC Sion. In 2009 his song "Valesanos" became the song of the Valaisan and Swiss Centre in Bariloche, Argentina. In 2013 Serge created an internet radio station specializing in Latin music called "Vibración Latina", which since April 2016 has been broadcast in several regions of Switzerland in DAB+. In 2014 released the song "La Única de mi Vida" in collaboration with Fulanito, the star of "urban merengue".

Serge has won two awards in the United States for his music. In 2008 he received the "Premio Estrella Music Awards" in Miami and in 2014 the "Fox Music USA Latin Awards" in Houston.

His artistic influences have been enriched by his experiences as well as by the many trips that he makes around the world for tours and event organization, during which he is impressed with colours, sounds and atmospheres.

Throughout his musical career Serge has always felt the need to paint and draw, but this passion really took hold in 2012 when he met the Egyptian-Swiss art dealer Mahmoud Abou El Ainin, who discovered his work and pushed him to also focus on painting. Since then, Serge has lead these two complementary careers in parallel, and brings them together during certain exhibitions.

Serge's work is exhibited in several galleries and museums around the world and some of his paintings have been exhibited in several contemporary art exhibitions in the cities of Miami, Tokyo, Paris (Louvre Museum Complex), Naples, Helsinki, Berlin Rome, Stockholm, Munich, Pisa, Vienna (MAMAG Museum), Cannes, San Diego, Montreux, Leukerbad, Oxford and New York (United Nations Headquarters Exhibition), Barcelona (MEAM - European Museum of Modern Art)

Serge has also repeatedly represented Swiss contemporary art in exhibitions organised in collaboration with the Swiss government: in 2012 in Kuwait, in 2014 in Asunción in Paraguay during the week of la Francophonie in collaboration with the French alliance, and in 2016 in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2016 at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Cannes, France, held during the film festival, Serge received an award for his expressive ideas and a few weeks later he was awareded the Colosseo Prize in Rome. In 2017 Serge received the Galileo Galilei Prize in Pisa, Italy.